Basic Data

Catalonia in numbers


Capital Barcelona
Area 32,107 km2 (ranks between Belgium and The Netherlands)
Population 7,478,968 (ranks between Denmark and Austria)
Density 232.9 / km2 (EU-28: 117)
Immigrants 15.7% (main international communities: Morocco, Romania, Ecuador, Italy, China, Bolivia, Pakistan)
Population born outside Catalonia 36% (2013)
Number of foreign tourists 15,580,362 (2013)
Official languages Catalan and Spanish; Occitan in the Aran Valley
GDP (million €) 203,615 (between Finland and Denmark) (2013)
GDP per capita (€) 27,698 (EU-28: 25,500)
Economic sectors services 69.5%, industry 21%, construction 8.5%, agriculture 1%
Main industrial sectors chemistry, biotechnology, food, energy, metal and automotive
Exports (million €) 58,283 (26% of all Spanish exports; 65% of exports to the EU markets)
Imports (million €) 68,688
Openness ratio 61%
Foreign investment 3,850.65 million € (2013) (Top 3 of FDI attraction in continental Europe first half 2013, Financial Times)
Unemployment rate 22.7% (EU-28: 10.8%) (2013)
People at risk of poverty or social exclusion 26.7%
Number of universities 12
Scientific production 1% of world scientific production (compared to 0.1% of world population)
Main scientific facilities Alba Synchrotron (UAB), Supercomputing Center (UPC), and one of the major genome sequencing centres in Europe (CNAG)
Households with Internet access 72% (EU-28: 76%)

Source: Government of Catalonia (all data are from 2012 unless otherwise stated)

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