Catalonia voted on
1 October 2017

The 27S2015 Vote


Following an agreement between the two main pro-independence parties (CiU and ERC) and representatives from the main civil society organisations supporting self-determination, Catalan president Artur Mas announces on 14 January 2015 that Catalonia will have a de facto independence referendum via early election.


The early election of plebiscite character took place on Sunday 27 September 2015.


The vote followed the Spanish electoral law.


The election registered a record turnout of 74,95% (4.130.196 votes), more than 7 points higher than in 2012. All adult (+18) citizens in Catalonia inscribed in the electoral census had the right to vote. The usual regulation also applied to Catalan citizens living abroad. Due to bureaucratic problems, only 7.5% of the nearly 200,000 catalans living abroad and registered to vote could finally do so. Foreign citizens living in Catalonia were not able to vote.


In November 2012, parliamentary elections were held in Catalonia. Political parties in favour of a referendum received almost 80% of votes and 107 out of the 135 seats in the Parliament. After exploring various legal ways to hold a binding referendum, all of them denied by the Spanish Government and Constitutional Court, the Catalan Government decided that the only way to carry out the democratic mandate was in the form of a plebiscitary early election.



 You can see the 27S results in detail here.


As the pro-independence parties have obtained an absolute majority at the Parliament, this means that the Catalan people have given a clear, democratic and unmistakable mandate for its Parliament to advance towards independence. At that point, the Parliament and the Government of Catalonia will start negotiations with Spain and the international community to achieve the best way to implement this mandate.

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